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Clay Shannon <[log in to unmask]>
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Clay Shannon <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 1 Jun 2019 15:17:45 +0000
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I am going to be publishing soon a new, and original, fiction/nonfiction book about Mark Twain.
Let me know if you'd like me to send you a copy (PDF) when it is finished (I'm aiming for the first day of summer, 6/21/19). To request the (free) PDF, email me at [log in to unmask]
Here are the part and chapter titles:
PART First: ORIENTATION (1835-1861)
ForewordThe Turning-Points of My Life Chapter 1Coming in With the Comet (1835)Chapter 2Death of Margaret, Move to Hannibal (1839)Chapter 3Village and Household Slaves (1840s)Chapter 4Presidential Predictions (1840)Chapter 5The Girl in the Glass Cylinder (1840s)Chapter 6Death of Ben (1842)Chapter 7Summers at Quarles’ Farm (from 1843 on for several years)Chapter 8Repulsive Things (1844)Chapter 9Death Threat (1844)Chapter 10The Weight of the Bible (1845)Chapter 11Death Sentence for Awkwardness (1846)Chapter 12Never Quite Sane in the Night (1846)Chapter 13Everything Changes (1847)Chapter 14Friends Drown (1847)Chapter 15Corpse in the Mississippi (1847)Chapter 16Printer’s Devil (1848)Chapter 17Dancing On Ice Floes (1849)Chapter 18Cadets of Temperance (1850)Chapter 19Widow Holliday Shoots Intruder (1851)Chapter 20Wanderjahr (1853) and Muscatine (1854)Chapter 21Porkopolis, “Macfarlane,” and Coca (1856, 1857)Chapter 22Steamboating (1857 to 1861)Chapter 23Guilty of Being Lucky (1858)Chapter 24Pilot’s License (1859)Chapter 25Uncivil War (1861)Chapter 26Saved By the Belles (1861)Chapter 27An Exercise in Futility (1861)Chapter 28Lighting Out for the Territory (Washoe/Nevada) (1861)
PART Second: JUSTICE (1861-1867)

Chapter 29Mining and Milling, and the Blind Lead (1861, 1862)Chapter 30Stretching and Reporting the Truth (1862-1864)Chapter 31Awakening Out Of A Long Sleep (1863)Chapter 32Aborted Duel and Absquatulation (1864)Chapter 33Police Brutality, Jackass Gulch, and the Jumping Frog (1864/1865)Chapter 34The Rainbow Islands (1866)Chapter 35Burlingame and The Hornet (1866)Chapter 36Trodding the Boards (1866, 1867)Chapter 37Fake Holdup (1866)Chapter 38Cooper’s Union Papered Lecture (1867)Chapter 39Quaker City Embarkation (1867)Chapter 40Quaker City Excursion (1867)
PART Third: LOVE (1868-1895)
Chapter 41Courtship of Livy (1867-1869)Chapter 42Writing “The Innocents Abroad” (1868)Chapter 43“The Innocents Abroad” Published (1869)Chapter 44Little Sammy in Fairyland (1870)Chapter 45Birth of Langdon (1870)Chapter 46Birth of Susy (1872)Chapter 47Death of Langdon (1872)Chapter 48“The Gilded Age” (1873)Chapter 49Birth of Clara (1874)Chapter 50American High Gothic (1874)Chapter 51Autobiographical Fiction (1876)Chapter 52Runaway Remarks and Carriages (1877)Chapter 53The Birth of Jean (1880)Chapter 54“A Tramp Abroad” (1880)Chapter 55“The Prince and the Pauper” (1881)Chapter 56Meet Me On The River (1883)Chapter 57“The Veriest Trash” (1885)Chapter 58Susy’s Truncated Biography (1885)Chapter 59The Pendulum and the Pit (1889)Chapter 60Death of Jane Lampton Clemens (1890)Chapter 61Meeting the Wiley Wizard of Wall Street (1893) and Bankruptcy (1894)Chapter 62Around-the-World Lecture Tour (1895, 1896)Chapter 63A Ruck of Rags (1896)Chapter 64Escaping Like a Man Possessed (1897)Chapter 65At Bottom a Sterling Man (1897)
PART Fourth: TRUTH (1898-1910)
Chapter 66Free and Clear (1898/1899)Chapter 67Darkness on the Edge of the 20th Century (1900, 1901)Chapter 68Goodbye to Hannibal (1902)Chapter 69Torture Chambers and Mad Scientists (1903)Chapter 70Wheresoever She Was, There Was Eden (Death of Livy, 1904)Chapter 71Loss of the Last Sibling (1904)Chapter 72Too Hot to Handle (1905)Chapter 73Blood-Soaked Quill (1905)Chapter 74First Angelfish (1906, 1907)Chapter 75Dr. Twain, I Presume? (1907)Chapter 76Extracts (1907-1909)Chapter 77Death Of A Namesake (1908)Chapter 78Loss of Jean and Rogers to the Undiscovered Country, and Clara to the Old World (1909)Chapter 79“Sleep Well, Dear!” (1909, 1910)

- B. Clay Shannon