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Sender: Mark Twain Forum <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: outrage
From: "Wesley Britton ([log in to unmask])"
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 23:22:36 -0500
Reply-To: Mark Twain Forum <[log in to unmask]>
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Josh: Well fill me with fantods, and explain what the flurryious
firestorm is that's going on in our Forum.

Jeremy:  Well, you can't fill an overflowing cup, but I too am
bemused by the rancourous debate in this here hyperspace.  Hyper
indeed.  It seems that sundrey folke object to any spirit of
playfulness in this august body, and complain much about such
lacademic terms as "beer" being passed, if you will, amongst  the
high arches of our frenzied follicles.

Josh: Whatever that means, it sounds like YOU & those who can't
seem to find the delete key.  Other folk seem to wince when two
brethern talk amongst themselves, and passing comments become
debates enough to inspire whole sessions at the MLA.  Is this some
new form of intellectual Twainian McCarthyism?=20

Jeremy:  Only if you're referring to Charlie McCarthy.  I recall
one brother saying he preferred one discussion over another,  which
inspired a two way crossfire: "You a snob," on one side, "More
beer" on the other.  And they was attacking the same guy.  Seems as
confusing as Huck's conscience.

Josh:  How dost we resolve this?  Hope it doesn't lead to
resolutions like the "Cincinnati Boarding House" sketch or "My
Grandfather's Old Ram."  Don't want no humor in this bastion of
secondary sourcers.

Jeremy: Reminds me of a quote I recently heard.  "Acedemic politics
are so mean because the stakes are so low."  Tender-hearted or
tender-footed, you're likely to step into something if you venture
a vagrant thought on this here Forum.

Josh: So the resolution is?

Jeremy:  Simple.

1. Don't ask nothing that will offend somebody.
2. Don't answer in any way that will offend somebody.
3. If you are offended, don't tell anybody you're offended.  That
=C1=02=08=07=08=07=0F to offend
someone.  Any Republicans on line?

reply> from Elmira:  Is this the State of Mark Twain Studies?=20
reply>> from Dr. Laura Schlesinger: GET OVER IT.
reply>>> from Tom Tenney: Ah, I just signed on, and, ah, what the
hell is going on?  Can you say that online?  Personal to Wes
Britton, so no body else read this: Hey you, you owe me a BEER. =20
reply>>> from Barry Crimmons: Can I get a plug in for my column?=20
Has anybody read my column?
reply>>>> from Andy Hoffman: Hey, leave me out of this.  i don't
even drink beer.
reply>>>>> from Johnny Cockrin: I am outraged!  I am outraged and
reply>>>>> from Marcia Clark: I object to all this outrage.  I am
outraged at all this outrage.
reply>>>>>from Taylor Roberts: !@#$%^ !  G*&^%$, and get in those
^%$#@! overdue book reviews!