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Shelley Fisher Fishkin <[log in to unmask]>
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Mark Twain Forum <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 11:49:30 -0600
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        I thought it might be helpful, given some recent queries on the
Forum, for me to post an alphabetical list of short stories, sketches,
essays and speeches included in The Oxford Mark Twain. I hope this will
help folks locate particular pieces.
        The names used are those that match the tables of contents in each
book (in some cases there are discrepancies between that name and the name
Twain gives the piece in the text).  The numbers in parentheses refer to
the following (starred) volumes. (Because Twain constantly recycled and
repackaged previously published works in his collections of short pieces, a
certain amount of duplication was unavoidable--but we tried to keep it to a
minimum. When a piece appears in more than one volume, it is often the case
that one version is illustrated, while the other is not. (Oxford rejected
the idea of including an index of this sort originally since they felt that
such a list would be cumbersome when books were sold individually rather
than in the set.)
        I'm sure some of your favorite pieces are missing from this list.
I know some of mine are. But that's probably because Twain chose not to
publish them in book form, and the OMT reproduced facsimiles of books
published in his lifetime. Other collections,  such as Louis Budd's
outstanding Library of America volumes of _Collected Tales, Sketches,
Speeches & Essays_, and the Mark Twain Project's excellent  volumes of
_Early Tales and Sketches_ , should help fill in some of those gaps.
        (I've also appended an alphabetical indices of the authors of the
introductions and afterwords.)

(1)     _The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and Other
        Sketches_ (1867)*
(2)     _The Innocents Abroad_(1869)
(3)     _Roughing It_ (1872)
(4)     _The Gilded Age_ (1873)
(5)     _Sketches, New and Old_ (1875)*
(6)     _The Adventure of Tom Sawyer_ (1876)
(7)     _A Tramp Abroad_ (1880)
(8)     _The Prince and the Pauper_ (1881)
(9)     _Life on the Mississippi_ (1883)
(10)    _Adventures of Huckleberry Finn_ (1885)
(11)    _A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court_ (1889)
(12)    _Merry Tales_ (1892)*
(13)    _The American Claimant_
(14)    _The Million Pound Bank-Note and Other New Stories_ (1893)*
(15)    _Tom Sawyer Abroad_ (1894)
(16)    _The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson and the Comedy Those  Extraordinary
                 Twins_ (1894)
(17)    _Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc_ (1896)
(18)    _The Stolen White Elephant and Other Detective Stories_*
(19)     _How to Tell a Story and Other Essays_ (1897)*
(20)    _Following the Equator and Anti-imperialist Essays_(1897,1901, 1905)*
(21)    _The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories and Essays_
(22)    _The Diaries of Adam and Eve_ (1904, 1906)*
(23)    _What Is Man?_ (1906)
(24)    _The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories_ (1906)*
(25)    _Christian Science_
(26)     _Chapters From My Autobiography_ (1906-1907)
(27)    _1601, and Is Shakespeare Dead?_ (1882, 1909)
(28)    _Extract From Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven_ (1909)
(29)    _Speeches_ (1910)*

[Contents List of Short Pieces in the Oxford Mark Twain]

About All Kinds of Ships (14)
About Barbers (5)
About London (29)
About Magnanimous-Incident Literature (18)
About Play-Acting (21)
Accident Insurance--Etc. (29)
Advice for Good Little Girls (1)
Advice to Little Girls (24), (29)
After Dinner Speech (5)
"After" Jenkins (1), (5)
Alphabet and Simplified Spelling, The (29)
Amended Obituaries (24)
Americans and the English (29)
Among the Fenians (1)
Among the Spirits (1)
An Undelivered Speech (29)
Answers to Correspondents (1), (5)
Ascot Gold Cup, The (29)
At the Appetite Cure (21)
Aurelia's Unfortunate Young Man (1), (5)
Austrian Edison Keeping School Again, The (21)
Authors' Club (29)
Babies, The (29)
Belated Russian Passport, The (24)
Billiards (29)
"Blind Letter" Department, London P.O., The (5)
Books and Burglars (29)
Books, Authors and Hats (29)
Booksellers (29)
Brief Biographical Sketch of George Washington (1)
Burlesque Biography, A (24)
Business (29)
Californian's Tale, The (24)
Cannibalism in the Cars (5)
Canvasser's Tale, The (18)
Captain's Story, The (12), (24)
Carnegie the Benefactor (29)
Cats and Candy (29)
Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, The (1)
Charity and Actors (29)
China and the Philippines (29)
Cigars and Tobacco (29)
College Girls (29)
Complaint about Correspondents, dated in San Francisco, A (1)
Compliments and Degrees (29)
Concerning the American Language (18)
Concerning Chambermaids (1), (5)
Concerning the Jews (21)
Copyright (29)
Courage (29)
Cure for the Blues, A (15)
Curious Dream, A (5)
Curious Experience, A (12), (18)
Curious Pleasure Excursion, A (5)
Curing a Cold (1), (5)
Daly Theatre (29)
Danger of Lying in Bed, A (24)
Day We Celebrate, The (29)
Death Disk, The (24)
Deception, A (24)
Dedication Speech (29)
Der Shrecken Der Deutschen Sprache (29)
Dinner to Mr. Choate, The (29)
Dinner to Hamilton W. Mabie (29)
Dinner to Mr. Jerome (29)
Dinner to Whitelaw Reid (29)
Diplomatic Pay and Clothes (24)
Disappearance of Literature (29)
Disgraceful Persecution of a Boy (5)
Does the Race of Man Love a Lord? (24)
Dog's Tale, A (24)
Double-Barrelled Detective Story, A (18), (24)
Dress of Civilized Woman (29)
Dress Reform and Copyright (29)
Dr. Mark Twain, Farmeopath (29)
Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale (24)
Educating Theatre-Goers (29)
Educational Theatre, The (29)
Education and Citizenship (29)
Encounter with an Interviewer (18)
Entertaining Article, An (24)
Esquimau Maiden's Romance, The (21)
Enemy Conquered; or, Love Triumphant, The (14)
Eve's Diary (22), (24)
Experiences  of the McWilliamses with Membranous Croup, The (5)
Extracts from Adam's Diary (22), (24)
Facts Concerning the Late Senatorial Secretaryship, The (5)
Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut, The       (18)
Facts Concerning the Recent Resignation, The (5)
Facts in the Case of George Fisher, Deceased, The (5)
Facts in the Case of the Great Beef Contract, The (5)
Fashion Item, A (5)
Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences (19)
Fine Old Man, A (5)
Five Boons of Life, The (24)
First Interview with Artemus Ward (5)
First Writing-Machines, The (24)
From "Hospital Days" (5)
Fulton Day, Jamestown (29)
Galveston Orphan Bazaar (29)
General Miles and the Dog (29)
General Washington's Negro Body-Servant (24)
German for the Hungarians (29)
German Chicago, The (14)
Ghost Story, A (5)
Girls (29)
Great Revolution in Pitcairn, The (18)
Helpless Situation, A (24)
Henry Irving (29)
Henry M. Stanley (29)
History Repeats Itself (5)
Honored as a Curiosity (5)
Honored as a Curiosity in Honolulu (1)
Horrors of the German Language, The (29)
How I Once Edited an Agricultural Paper (5)
How the Author was Sold in Newark (5) How to Tell a Story (19), (21)
Humane Word From Satan, A (24)
Ideal French Address, An (29)
In Aid of the Blind (29)
In Defence of Harriet Shelley (19)
Independence Day (29)
Information for the Million (1)
Information Wanted (5)
In Memoriam (24)
Inquiry about Insurances, An (1)
Introducing Nye and Riley (29)
Introduction to "The New Guide of the Conversation in Portuguese        and
English" (24)
Invalid's Story, The (12), (24)
Is He Living or Is He Dead? (21)
Italian With Grammar (24)
Italian Without a Master (24)
Item which the Editor Himself could not Understand, An (1), (5)
Joan of Arc (29)
John Chinamen in New York (5)
Johnny Greer (5)
Journalism in Tennessee (5)
Judge's Spirited Woman, The (5)
Jumping Frog, The [In English. Then in French. Then Clawed Back into    a
Civilized Language  Once More by Patient, Unremunerated         Toil]  (5)
Killing of Julius Caesar "Localized," The (1), (5)
King Leopold's Soliloquy: A Defense of his Congo Rule (20)
Ladies, The (29)
Late Benjamin Franklin, The (5)
Launch of the Steamer Capital, The (1)
Layman's Sermon (29)
Legend of the Capitoline Venus (5)
Legend of Sagenfeld, in Germany (18)
Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, A (24)
Lionizing Murderers (5)
Literature (29)
Literature in the Dry Diggings (1)
Little Note to M. Paul Bourget, A (19)
Lotos Club Dinner in Honor of Mark Twain (29)
Loves of Alonzo Fitz Clarence and Rosanah Ethelton, The (18)
Luck (12)
Lucretia Smith's Soldier (1)
Majestic Literary Fossil, A (14)
Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg (21)
Mark Twain:  a Biographical Sketch (24)
Million Pound Bank-Note, The (14)
Missouri University Speech (29)
Monument to Adam, A (24)
Mrs. McWilliams and the Lightning (12),  (18)
My First Lie and How I Got Out of It (21)
My First Literary Venture (5)
My Watch--An Instructive Little Tale (5)
Obituary Poetry (29)
Office Bore, The (5)
On Poetry, Veracity, and Suicide (29)
On Stanley and Livingstone (29)
On the Decay of the Art of Lying (18)
Origin of Illustrious Men (1)
Osteopathy (29)
Our Children and Great Discoveries (29)
"Mark Twain's First Appearance" (29)
Medieval Romance, A (5)
Meisterschaft (12)
Mental Telegraphy (14)
Mental Telegraphy Again (19)
Mistaken Identity (29)
Morals and Memory (29)
Mysterious Visit, A (5)
My Bloody Massacre (5)
My Boyhood Dreams (21)
My Debut as a Literary Person (21)
Municipal Corruption (29)
Municipal Government (29)
New Crime, A (5)
New German Word, A (29)
New York Press Club Dinner (29)
Old-Fashioned Printer, The (29)
Page from a Californian Almanac, A (1)
Paris Notes (18)
"Party Cries" in Ireland (5)
Personal Story of the Siamese Twins (5)
Petition Concerning Copyright (5)
Petition to the Queen of England (14)
Petrified Man, The (5)
Playing Courier (14)
Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims (29)
Poets as Policemen (29)
Political Economy (5)Portrait  of King William III (24)
Post-Mortem Poetry (24)
Princeton (29)
Private History of a Campaign That Failed, The (12)
Private History of the "Jumping Frog" Story  (19), (21)
Public Education Association (29)
Pudd'nhead Wilson Dramatized (29)
Punch, Brothers, Punch (18)
Queen Victoria (29)
Reading-Room Opening (29)
Remarkable Instances of Presence of Mind (1)
Riley, Newspaper Correspondent (5)
Robert Fulton Fund (29)
Rogers (18)
Rogers and Railroads (29)
Running for Governor (5)
Russian Republic (29)
Russian Sufferers (29)
Saint Joan of Arc (24)
Saint Louis Harbor-Boat "Mark Twain," The (29)
San Francisco Earthquake (29)
Savage Club Dinner (29)
Science vs. Luck (5)
Scriptural Panoramist, The (5)
Seventieth Birthday (29)
Short and Singular Rations (1)
Sixty-Seventh Birthday (29)
Society of American Authors (29)
Some Fables for Good Old Boys and Girls (5)
Some Rambling Notes of an Idle Excursion (18)
Speech at the Scottish Banquet at London (5)
Speech on Accident Insurance (5)
Speech on the Babies (18)
Speech on the Weather (18)
Spelling and Pictures (29)
Statistics (29)
Steed "Oahu," The (1)
Stirring Times in Austria (21)
Stolen White Elephant, The (18)
Story of a Speech (29)
Story of the Bad Little Boy who Didn't Come to Grief (1), (5)
Story of Good Little Boy (5)
Strange Dream, A (1)
Tammany and Croker (29)
Taxes and Morals (29)
Telephonic Conversation, A (24)
Theoretical and Practical Morals (29)
Thirty Thousand Dollar Bequest, The (24)
Tom Sawyer, Detective (18)
To Raise Poultry (5)
To the Person Sitting in Darkness (20)
Touching Story of George Washington's Boyhood, A (1)
Traveling with a Reformer (19),  (21)
True Story Just as I Heard It, A (5)
Two Little Tales (24)
Two Poems--By Moore and Twain (5)
Unconscious Plagiarism (29)
Undertaker's Chat, The (5)
Union, Right or Wrong?, The (29)
University Settlement Society (29)
Visit to Niagara, A (5)
Votes for Women (29)
Was it Heaven? or Hell? (24)
Water-Supply (29)
Watterson and Twain as Rebels (29)
Weather, The (29)
Welcome Home (29)
What Paul Bourget Thinks of Us (19)
When in Doubt, Tell the Truth (29)
Whitefriars, To the (29)
Widow's Protest, A (5)
Wit Inspirations of the "Two-Year-Olds" (24)
Woman--An Opinion (29)
Woman's Press Club (29)

The following is an alphabetical index of the authors of introductions and

Banks, Russell  (7)
Bernays, Anne   (12)
Blount, Jr., Roy        (1)
Bradbury, Malcolm (14)
Bradley, David (19)
Busch, Frederick (24)
Doctorow, E.L.  (6)
Hentoff, Nat (15)
Holbrook, Hal (19)
Johnson, Charles  (23)
Jong, Erica (27)
Just, Ward (4)
Kaplan, Justin  (17)
Le Guin, Ursula K. (22) Martin, Judith (8)
Mason, Bobbie Ann (13)
Miller, Arthur (26)
Morris, Willie  (9)
Morrison, Toni (10)
Mosley, Walter (18)
Ozick, Cynthia  (21)
Plimpton, George (3)
Pohl, Frederik (28)
Smith, Lee (5)
Richler, Mordecai (2)
Vidal, Gore  (20)
Vonnegut, Jr., Kurt (11)
Williams, Sherley Anne (16)
Wills, Garry (25)

Barrow, David (29)
Bucci, Richard (1)
Budd, Louis J. (11)
Camfield, Gregg (4)
Covici, Jr., Pascal (19)
Cummings, Sherwood (5)
Doyno, Victor A. (10)
Emerson, Everett (8)
Fiedler, Leslie A. (27)
Harris, Susan K. (17)
Hill, Hamlin (25)
Howe, Lawrence (9)
Inge, M. Thomas (15)
Kaplan, Fred (20)
Kiskis, Michael J. (26)
Lee, Judith Yaross (24)
Leonard, James S. (7)
Messent, Peter (13)
Miller, James A. (28)
Robinson, Forrest G. (12)
Robinson, Lillian S. (18)
Rubin-Dorsky, Jeffrey (21)
Skandera-Trombley, Laura E. (22)
Sloane, David E.E. (2)
Smith, David Lionel (16)
Stone, Albert E. (6)
Wagner-Martin, Linda (23)
Wilson, James (14)
Wonham, Henry B.  (3)

Shelley Fisher Fishkin
Professor, American Studies
University of Texas
Austin TX 78712
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