Larry Howe asks:

>why Twain has such cultural power and if that cultural power is at
>risk by these appropriations.
(along with many other compelling questions!!!)

Thou asketh many things.  I am particularly interested in these sorts of
questions about the cultural work of folks like Twain.  I notice lately
that insurance companies, in their TV ads, have taken to quoting the likes
of Emerson and Thoreau ("Live the life you have imagined") --like, how does
that have anything to do with insurance??!

My short response (maybe my longer response might be found in my book
American Decalrations) -- these folks represent, in some highly contested
ways, "America" -- they incarnate America -- and America sells.

Good or bad?  HA -- got other stuff do do right now.  But perhaps others
would like to respond to the question of Twain's cultural power and

Anyway, the LIST has been rather quiet of late and we need to get some
discussion going . . . . . anybody out there!?!?

Hal Bush
Saint Louis University