Times "Looking Downriver: Huck and Jim in the 21st Century" TimesOn Saturday, March 24th, in connection with the month-long run of Edward Morgan's new play, "Sounding the River (Huck Finn Revisited)" at the Milwaukee Rep, Timesthe theater will bring together scholars, educators, and community leaders for "Looking Downriver: Huck and Jim in the 21st Century," a day of information and discussion about the legacies of Mark Twain's novel and the important questions it poses for Milwaukee at the beginning of the new century. The event was organized by Paul Kosidowski, Literary Director of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, and is supported by a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council. "Looking Downriver" is free and open to the public. The program is designed to be of particular value to teachers. For reservations and further information call The Rep at 414-224-1761. "Looking Downriver" is available for college credit through the UWM University Outreach, Arts and Liberal Studies. For further information call 414-227-3320.