Friends,  Please forgive thoughtess use of the word "definitive" as it
applies to any biography of Sam Clemens, or, mark Twain.  I assure all that
it was not, nor, is my intention to ride in to this forum like some frothy
chinned revolutionary intent on inciting upheaval of the status quo.  I see
that the term " definitive " was a poor choice of words.  A less
iconoclastic metaphor should have been chosen.  In fact, with hindsight,
perhaps I might have been well advised to just ask the question outright
that was the basis for the request.  Please remember that I am still just
feeling my way in this forum,   and I am a bit in awe of the scholarly
credentials that accompany your remarks and suggestions.

 I want to thank everyone involved for their help and insights re:  my
request for a definitive biography.  Truthfully, my friends, I hope there
never is one.  I have a mental picture just now of Mark Twain lighting up a
cigar and casting a wry grin over the entire cast of his "Community".
Hopefully, no one will hold a grudge against the " Janitor" for posing this
calamitous inquiry in the first place.

Sincere regards and thanks to all;

Lloyd JH Grant
Coyote Communications, Inc.
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Lakeland, Fl.  33807
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Consilium est libere,
cum desiderum est minimus.
( or Latin to that effect...)