For the record, let me report that MTP does not, unfortunately, have copies of the very heavily annotated pages of Dodge's book. Blair did not see them before he did HH&T (1969). Dahlia Armon did not seen them before she re-did the text and annotations in Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer among the Indians, and other Unfinished Stories (1989). The editors of Huck Finn (Vic Fischer and Lin Salamo) have not seen them--and it is now too late to put anything from them into the new edition, due out in the next few weeks. We have copies only of what the original 1911 auction catalog reported, plus I believe one page reproduced in facsimile by Bob Slotta in one of his recent catalogs. Many collectors and dealers certainly have been very cooperative over the years in making photocopies (or letting us transcribe) documents about to be sold. But dealers require that such copying be OKd by the seller, and it is by no means universally allowed. It's also true that we don't always get timely notice of auctions or sales, or cannot always afford to send someone to the viewing before sale. Marginalia are also particularly hard to capture in this way because photocopying is rarely if ever allowed, partly for the reasons Kevin mentions. One additional fact seems relevant here. If any of this marginalia remains unpublished on January 1st, it will no longer be protected under U.S. copyright law. Anyone may publish it without permission or fee or other constraint. Bob Hirst