"2. We won't ever have to face the quandary that gripped the nation after
September 11--why do they hate us? The next time terrorsts attack, we can
thank George Bush for the clarity he has brought to the matter."

Does this mean we can thank Clinton for the 3000+ lives lost in the
September 11th attacks, or did our retaliation against various perpetrators
of the World Trade Center bombing and the USS Cole not enrage those who
would be terrorists as well?  Those who would commit violence against the US
existed long before Bush became President, and will exist long after he's
gone.  To lay the blame of future violence (which would occur regardless of
the present war in Iraq) squarely at the feet of one man is rather petty,
and belies, in my sense, more of a dislike of the man than any true
pacifistic ideals.