Hello, I'm new to the list, and, seeing the thread on Twain impersonators, thought I would ask a question in a similar vein. Is there work out there in which Mark Twain figures as a fictional character? Has he been imitated on the page as well as acted on the stage? If so, where? What was the quality, what was the type of work? In conjunction with my Masters in humanities project, I did a creative dialogue with Mark Twain and another figure. I wanted to do something of a fantastic nature, not unlike the works these two giants. Now I'm wondering what else might be out there. And if so, how do you assess it? I'm also looking for markets for papers done in connection with the project (literary essays). Thinks in advance for any tips you may have.. A nice place to lurk, this list. :-) Susan Dorman On Mar 8, 2004, at 12:44 PM, Joe McCullough wrote: Hal Holbrook will also be appearing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on May 22. I have the wonderful honor to introduce him for that performance. Geneva------- I had a "technological meltdown" a while back and since have been unable to communicate much online (except briefly and very illiterately) because I have no voice recognition software on the machine. My dexterity is limited by disability. I have to transfer communication by CD if I want to send something online--cumbersome. I do all my work on an off-line machine now with the software. I guess the cut off from online communication has beefed up my productivity some, though. For that I'm glad..--sue