Twain's voice was recorded at various times, at various places, under
various circumstances.  I am convinced there are some recordings that still
survive.  It is entirely possible a collector has a recording (or two) but
is maintaining a secret.  Notice:  Please contact me whenever a possible
recording of Twain's voice appears!!!

Recently the first letter Twain dictated to a graphophone came to light.
Twain said, "This is my first experiment in dictating a letter to a
graphophone, and I am thoroughly delighted with it.  I shall never have to
use the slow & tedious pen again."  Surely if this letter can remain a
secret for 100 years then other important discoveries regarding Twain's
voice are lying in wait.  Hopefully it is just a matter of time before we
get to actually hear him.

Currently I am working with Ron Hoodak of Elmira (and other scholars) to map
out Mark Twain's DNA.  Some day perhaps the world will even experience a
clone of him...

Bob Slotta