Among other things Regina Faden wrote:

> To all Forum members, please let me or anyone on the staff know if you
> are coming by.  We would be happy to talk about what is happening here
> and about plans for the Museum's future.
> Again, thank you.

I can vouch for the outstanding treatment Twain list members receive
when visiting the Hannibal museum. I arrived late on a Friday afternoon
(as in closing time, Oct 29) and Regina Faden took the time to come out
and greet me until Henry Sweets became available. Henry then conducted
a personal tour of the museum and then went down and opened the boyhood
home for another extremely edifying and enjoyable tour.

Their fine efforts deserve our support and admiration. Their gracious
hospitality made a special visit that much more special for me.

Barry Crimmins

PS- Obviously Regina and Henry are very busy but I think it's safe to
assume that if they have a moment to spare, they will do all they can
to welcome forum members.