Dear Mr. Rosenthal,

Yes, the Clemens family owned a copy of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN inscribed by
Harriet Beecher Stowe.  Throughout his writing career Twain made numerous
references to Stowe's novel; these allusions began in 1853 and extended
until at least 1906 (see MARK TWAIN'S LIBRARY, 2 vols. [1980], l: 672).

A recent scholarly essay argued rather persuasively that Twain felt a sense
of rivalry with the popular Stowe; see Judie Newman, "Was Tom White?
Stowe's DRED and Twain's PUDD'NHEAD WILSON," SOFT CANONS (Iowa City:  U of
Iowa P, 1999), pp. 67-81.


Alan Gribben
Auburn University Montgomery