Hello Folks,

 I am Chair of the "Mark Twain Circle" session to be held next Fall at
the 2006 SAMLA convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, on November
10-12.  You may send proposals by mail or email by March 1..

Jason Horn

Subject:   Hope, Despair, and the Later Mark Twain

Proposals are invited on the subject of Mark Twain during his later

Here are a few guiding questions, although the possibilities are open.

How does Twain generally see and present the world, and the
cosmos, in his later work (cynically, skeptically, or with hope)?

Does he depict a free, damned, or determined existence?

What about Twain's presentation of religion or God?

How does Twain's humor work in his later writings-as agent of liberation
or despair?

By March 1, 2006 send one page proposals to

Dr. Jason Horn
Humanities Division
Gordon College
Barnesville, GA 30204
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