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Here is  my query:

What do we know about Huck Finn's father and mother, beyond  the obvious??

Any speculations?  Or even names (besides Pap, for  instance)??

I could look it up in the various places that provide all  of this sort of
arcane info, of course, but none of those texts are readily  available.

Woodson Blankenship - head of the family, from S.  Carolina. Worked at the
old sawmill, drank heavily. 1845 tax delinquent rolls  for 29c. Oldest son,
Benson, called Bence, did odd jobs but mostly teased Sam  Clemens and mates.
Blankenship, the younger brother, was the model for Huck  Finn. The
girls were rumored to be into prostitution. (Wecter)  Mark Twain A toZ,
Rasmussen gives the wife's name as Mahala  Blankenship, eight children, all
born in

Hope this helps.
David H  Fears