I'm sorry to both you again, but I guess I asked too many questions in my
e-mail when I asked about Clemens and music, and my real question got lost.

What I really need to know is:
Did Clemens use any of this music he liked in his works???

For example,

Faulkner used the "Blues" tune "That Evening Sun"
it was a name for a tune and the name of his story,
and he used some of the metaphors or cultural codes from the blues music
in his story. Both the "blues" music and his story uses repetition and
variations, with the song was a 12 bar structure.

Faulkner would talk about blues music and Negro spirituals
in his works.

Do any of you know if he used any tunes in his works?
Whether talking about someone singing them in his story?
or using the words of a song to help the story?
or using the metaphors from a song in his stories??

thank you so much!