Dear Twainophiles,

In my research, I began to wonder if a recording of  Sam's voice exists.
read that Edison recorded Clemens reading  American Claimant, but that the
recordings are lost. I've also seen a  video clip online, but not
of Sam and two ladies, I assume his  daughters (the quality is very poor.)

Since Edison invented the phonograph in late 1877, and  since Sam was a
admirer of technology, it seems natural that the two of  them should
collaborate. I've read about Sam's friendship with Tesla, too.

If a recording of Sam's voice still exists (after all,  half of the original
ms. of Huckleberry Finn surfaced just a few years  ago), it would be of
value to actually hear his drawl.

Does anyone have any light to shed on recordings of  Sam?


David H  Fears