Two things: It was always permissible in the Bible to tell a lie IF it
would save a person's life.  You'll note that King David "pretended" he was
mad...Rahab, the prostitute lied to the people persecuting the Hebrews.
This was the only time.

  The New Testament says:  ANYTHING not of faith is sin.  It makes a
distinction between walking in the Spirit and walking in a natural,
conformed to this world pattern.  Walking in the spirit means being obedient
to the WORD, for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word.  So the
Bible states.

  There was a marvelous thesis done a long time ago on Huck Finn and Dante's
Inferno.  About how the descent into hell's sins are reflected in the
travels of Huck.

  Just a thought.