Well, I have two books by Fatout that might be the  ones Camy referred to.
The first one below has a picture of Fatout on the rear  cover that looks
an older Woody Allen. I've noted that many historians  don't smile. There's
even a rumor that many hard-core MT researchers don't have  a sense of
humor. I
happened to ask one of these researchers, who shall remain  unnamed, if such
ability was possessed. I got no answer, which in itself was  an answer.

And, it may be that I'm way too new to the MT  community, because my humor
on steroids from studying the man. Here are the  two Fatout books. David H

Fatout, Paul, ed. Mark Twain  Speaking. Iowa City, Iowa: University of Iowa
Press, 1976.
---, ed. Mark Twain Speaks for  Himself. West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue
Press, 1978.