OK, I lack access to Beverly David's texts on illustrators at the moment,
and I need the names of illustrators for the following:

"The Author's Memories" in Tramp Abroad

"Full-Dressed Tourist" in Innocents Abroad

"The Baton Rouge" in Life on the Mississippi (frontispiece)

"The Quaker City in a Storm" in Innocents Abroad (frontispiece)

I'm guessing True Williams for the Innocents Abroad illustrations.  Seems I
have a book in the production phase, and a sharp-eyed editor says that
information might be useful.  I'm just annoyed at myself for not realizing
that on my own (I've had lots of time to do this research a long time ago).
My thanks in advance if anyone can help--and I'll pay the library fines
which presently prevent me from using David's texts (assuming we have them).

Hal Hellwig
Idaho State University