This spring I will be digitizing a large number of photographs, letters,
documents, items, etc... that relate to Twain's time on Redding,
Connecticut. The 100th anniversary of Twain's arrival on June 18th spurred
the project idea and now I'm ready to roll up the sleeves and get started.

Part of the funding for this project will come from grants and in order to
obtain these grants I'll need to prove that people outside of Redding care
that Twain lived in Redding. While I personally feel his time here was
significant I would like to know how the members of the forum feel about it.
Would an online exhibit of roughly 100 photos, a transcription of all the
guests from 1908-1910, transcription of record books, letters to and from
Angelfish, library founding and legal documents, photos of his writing desk,
riverboat made by burglar, other house items, etc.. be of interest??

Thank you for your assistance,
Brent M. Colley