Yes, there is a catalog of the books Mark Twain gave to The Mark Twain
Library, a 2 vol. work by Alan Gribben.  I also have the original accession
register, kept by the librarian, that lists all the donations from Samuel
Clemens, family members, and friends.
Heather Morgan

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Thanks, I enjoyed it all.  Do we have a catalogue of books he gave to the
library in REdding?  Glad you shared.
Arianne Laidlaw

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> Back in January I promised not to post each and everytime I found
> something
> new about Twain's time in Redding and I've resisted the temptation for
> several months...but this past weekend an article came my way that I found
> very interesting- a first person account of life in Twain's Redding.
> I just finished transcribing it this afternoon and have posted it at the
> Stormfield Project blog:
> Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did,
> Brent M. Colley