Fellow Twainians,

I have recently been researching my ancestry and have discovered a number of
"famous" relatives. Of particular interest to me is Mark Twain. According to
Ancestry.com, I am a 5th cousin, 4 times removed. My grandfather, James
Louis Ray (from Illinois), is from the same line as John Marshall Clemens.My
granfather's 8th great grandmother is Twain's 4th great grandmother,
Elizabeth Walker (1680-1725).

I wonder how many others of you Twainians are related

It's an interesting thought to be even remotely connected to this literary

By the way, I'm also related to several other great writers: Dickenson,
Hawthorne, and Faulkner. All of these are remote relations, but who knows
what lies in our genes.


Carolyn Leutzinger Richey