Dear All,

I'm a newcomer to the list so please forgive me if I make any mistakes in
protocol.  To come right to the point, I am looking for references to school
books that Twain makes in any of his works: novels, stories, private
letters, essays, whatever.  I'm especially interested in anything that has
to do
with American history, but geography books, rhetorics, and the rest are all
potentially useful.  Exact titles would be great, but I'm also happy with
simple mention of texts that he, he characters, or his friends may have read
(for example "Webster," or "Murray").  I'm trying to compile a list of the
school books that he might have known or known about--this would include
texts that his children might have read.

If you know of any references, I would be grateful to know where I can find
them.  My email address is [log in to unmask]

Thank you!  --Susan Harris