Terry, I don't have scanning capabilities myself, but a friend has
volunteered his services, so I'll be able to send them to you this weekend.
I located the 1906 Angel's Camp postcard last night, and it's a real hoot.
It's labeled Jackass Hill, and the cabin is fallen, in a wreck, and yet
there are some overdressed 1906 Gibson-girl type women tourists in the
background.  It's a hand-tinted PC also.  I have a black-and-white
photograph PC of the Florida, Missouri birthplace, before it was moved, if
you're interested, and a 1906 PC with Twain sitting in the backseat of an
Oldsmobile.  Also, if you're interested a tinted PC with a street scene from
downtown Hartford, obviously taken before the advent of horseless carriages.
Just let me know.