As a subscriber to the New Yorker, I was surprised to see the article Arian
ne refers to in her note. And after reading the article, I was a little
puzzled by why the magazine chose to run it.  Are they so out of good
material that they need to dredge the lesser writing of a famous author,
hoping that in his name they can increase sales?  I found the article
itself to be almost cryptic in some of its references to work that he was
doing but
was not going to let be published in his lifetime.  Or was the point of
publishing it that Mark Twain was literally speaking from the grave and was
taunting the reader with his freedom to say what was on his mind, but then
chose not to do so.  As I recall, his writing in and around 1905 was
fairly outspoken: King Leopold's Soliloquy; The Czar's Solioquy, among
others.I'd like to hear what others think about this piece.

Sandra Littleton Uetz