Here's all I got, Harold.  It's a paragraph from a short piece I wrote
called "Is He the Anti-Doughnut President?" just after Obama was elected.

He [Twain] must have forged his respect for the vote as a youth.   As a
fourteen year-old in 1850, he belonged to the “Cadets of Temperance,” whose
officers, during elections, bought off votes with doughnuts until the
“Anti-Doughnut Party” was formed to end the corruption.  Years later, when
Twain decided that he could not vote for either William Jennings Bryan
(because a friend told him Bryant was bad on finance) or William McKinley
(because McKinley was an imperialist and Twain, well, not so much), he
boasted:  “I’ve got that vote, and it’s clean yet, ready to be used when you
form your ‘Anti-Doughnut Party’ that will want only the best men for
offices, no matter what party they belong to and which will solve all your
political problems.”

See you in Elmira.