A quick note to everyone on this list:

Should you find yourself near Hartford next year when they hold their
next Oktoberfest (or the spring wine tasting mentioned to me in
passing last Friday) I give my stamp of approval. For a $35
advance-purchased ticket one gets an unlimited sampling of local
craft beer and food, the musical stylings of House staff, and 5% off
at the gift shop (2 bucks more gets you the commemorative pint

I had so much fun I'm going back for their newly designed ghost tours
this month, complete with trip to the basement and telling of MT's
favorite ghost story ("The Golden Arm," presumably). I'm inspired to
see such creativity and drive preserve the home of our common
interest. May we all use our resources in like dynamic fashion.

Anyway, my thanks to the staff for a wonderful time.


Mr. Alex B. Effgen, M.A.
The Editorial Institute at
Boston University