Hello all,
I am needing to find Twain's unpublished response to Josiah Holland's
attacks on "professional jesters and triflers" on the platform.  Here is the
citation from the MTP:

SLC (Samuel Langhorne Clemens). 1872. “An Appeal from One That Is
Persecuted.” MS of nineteen pages, written ca. 18 July. W. T. H. Howe
Collection, NN-B

The letter is 19 pages long, and the MTP published pages 10-19 as a
annotation for a letter, but I am hoping to find the first 9 pages without
having to go to the NYPL.  If anyone has the contents of the letter copied
and would be willing to pass it along to me, I would be greatly

Thank you,

Tracy Wuster
American Studies, UT Austin