Greetings everyone,
and Happy year of Mark Twain!

I had to write to tell all of you how honored and pleased I am that in
2009 I helped with the SAMLA committee.  At the end of the conference I
was told that one of the committee members was leaving and that they would
have a spot opening up, and would I be interested in filling that slot.  I
will be filling that slot.

I also spoke to them about having a special session to commemorate Mark
Twain’s anniversary of his birth.  Thus giving us 2 sessions at SAMLA in
2010.  One with Sharon McCoy with the 100 anniversary of his death, and
mine, the 175 anniversary of his birth.

Here is the CFP’s for my session.

2010 is an important year. It is the 175th anniversary of Mark
Twain/Samuel Clemen’s birthday, on Nov 30th.  In this special session we
will celebrate the many “beginnings” in Mark Twain life.  These
could include; the start of his life, his inventions, his works that are
the 1st of that type of publishing (for example, Connecticut Yankee is the
1st science fiction book in America.) And any other beginings you might
think of.

Please either e-mail me or postal mail me your paper, by May 31, 2010.
To [log in to unmask], or Jules Hojnowski, 1690 Trumansburg Rd, Ithaca, NY
Feel free to e-mail me with questions. Thank you! And hope to see you at
SAMLA 2010.
Happy  Mark Twain Year !