Fellow Twainians --
I'm refocusing the Twain seminar I'm teaching this Spring to include the way
"Mark Twain" has been appropriated and re-appropriated and
re-re-appropriated by America in the century since Sam Clemens died, and
want to spend a class or two on the novels by other authors who take one of
Twain's fictions as their starting point.  I know about Jon Clinch's *Finn,*
and Nancy Rawles *My Jim,* and Lenore Hart's *Becky,* but I'm anxious to
learn of any other novels in this category.  I'm always surprised, for
example, that as far as I know no one has tried telling the story of that
raft trip from Jim's point of view -- unless, of course, someone already
has.  Any suggestions will be gratefully received, thanks, Steve Railton
(Univ of Virginia)