On 07/18/2010 03:26 PM, Wes Britton wrote:
> The Onion has a funny parody of a Twain autobiography announcement:
> www.theonion.com/.../unpublished-twain-autobiography-rails-against-yout,1=
> 7736/ -

   The URL was obviously partially elided and broken.  A working URL is:


   <sermon>I always recommend to anyone, anywhere, that when you include
a long URL in any posting that might be split or corrupted by e-mail
clients (either yours or the other person's) or by e-mail list software,
(and they inevitably corrupt things) you should always generate a
shorter version that is less likely to be corrupted, using a service
like http://tinyurl.com/ .  It can potentially save hundreds of people a
lot of frustration!</sermon>

  Alan Eliasen
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