California/Oregon/Nevada sources:

For Rick Talbot and all: Both Paul Fatout's books, "Mark Twain Speaks for Himself" (1978), "Mark Twain Speaking"  (1976) are available in Oakland & San Francisco libraries. If your local LA library doesn't have them, they're available from a number of libraries in CA and NV through the wonderfully useful (AND FREE) libraries' linkup called LINK+ - ask your librarian if the LA system is linked.

From SF Public:
    Mark Twain speaking / edited by Paul Fatout.
Publication Info. Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, c1976.
  (Additional information is currently unavailable)

Mark Twain Speaks for Himself
     by Fatout, Paul (Editor); Twain, Mark (Purdue U Press, pub. 1978)

"Where does the Twain meet? As observer and reporter. As teacher and preacher. With a twinkle in his eye. With whimsy in his heart. Twain indeed speaks volumes for himself through his newspaper stories, humorous columns, letters, speeches, and interviews, gathered together here for the first time in one paperback volume and providing a picture of the consummate writer, unabashed, critical, and cutting. A perfect title for every Twain collection." 

Neither the SF nor Oakland library lists the included writings in either book on their web page, but the speech could be in both.
  NEWER EDITION: Powells Books, the Pacific states' best bookstore/source has a "Mark Twain Speaks for Himself" 1997 printing to sell you for $13.25, but are out - you can backorder it. They list a rare copy of "Mark Twain Speaking, but 'tain't cheap : $87.75. Also on backorder.

  If you call them, they'll likely be able to tell you how soon they'll mail either down from Portland. (find a store | 800-878-7323 | web ) They'll also tell you if the preferred item is in both books.

   My friends in Poland told me there was a well-known rebel writer there who published (in Martial Law days!) a pamphlet: "The Onanist Manifesto", and it got past the censors. Sold like hot kielbasa, they said. We couldn't locate a copy in Polish or English.
   Related issue: My UC San Francisco urology doctors, m.&f., have confirmed the decades-old rumor that a positive early prostate problem prevention method is "Frequent ejaculation - with or without a partner." (direct quote) A well-kept medical secret, they admit, but good physician humor. Did Joycelyn Elders know this? Did she tell Bill?

Richard R. - Docking by SF Bay.


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Chronologically speaking, "Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism" was
delivered to the Stomach Club in Paris in the spring of 1879. The speech
given before this one was earlier in the spring of 1879 also in Paris at the
Stanley Club Dinner. It was recorded as "Dinner Speech."
See Mark Twain Speaking by Paul Fatout, University of Iowa Press 1976 ISBN