Well, I'm not acquainted with the Simon and Garfunkel reference, but 
their feet certainly were dangling, anyway, perched upon the rocks as 
they were.  Here are a couple of sites showing that they were, and I 
hope still are,  indeed,  together in all kinds of weather (but 
that's another song):


http://www.gonomad.com/market/0609/transcendentalists.html  (scroll 
down a bit for this one)


>Engaged in dangling conversation, if Simon and Garfunkel are to be
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>   I began to suspect something,
>and when i walked over to check, sure enough, they were Emily
>Dickinson and Robert Frost cleverly sculptured in black metal
>sillouette,  in rapt conversation about poetry and flies and clocks
>and less travelled roads, etc.  So, as far as the town of Amherst was
>concerned, their honored former residents, Em and Bob, were
>contemporaneous enough in spirit to be in eternal conversation right
>there in the park on Main St., regardless of the weather.
>I assume they are still there, although I haven't checked lately.