As of today (9/28/10), you have--with three consecutive absences--exceeded
the maximum number (four, excused and unexcused, in TTh clsseas) permitted
in English courses, specifically English 101J, and, therefore, have failed
the course because of excessive absences (5).  If you wish to appeal the
attendance policy, you should immediately contact Dr. Ken Wolfskill,
Division Head, and present your reasons to be reinasted to the course.
Official excuses for absences are to be obtained from Lloyd Lee
Wilson, University Registrar.  If Dr. Wolfskill rejects your appeal, you may
further appeal to Dr. Larry Frazier, Dean of Arts and Sciences, and beyond
him to Dr. Danny Moore, Provost.

John H. Davis, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Department of Language and Literature
Chowan University
Murfreesboro, North Carolina 27855