You might want to check out Mark Twain: Man in white by Michael Sheldon,
which details the last four years of Twain's life. There are several
stories about binge drinking late at night - once at his apartment on
5th Ave and once at Stormfield. In both cases, Isabel Lyon had to get
him moved to bed. The book is highly recommended:

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On Christmas eve, 1863, in Virginia City, Clemens and Charles Farrar
Browne (aka Artemus Ward) got so drunk that they ran across the rooftops
(Letters 1: pp269-70, n 5).  In San Francisco, he and his roomate, Steve
Gillis, would drink beer and then chuck the bottles on the roofs of the
houses below (Letters 1, 15 July 1864, to William Wright, pp 303-304).
I'm not sure if these are examples of abusing alcohol or of abusing the


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> Does anyone on the forum know if Sam Clemens ever abused alcohol,
>  toward the end of his life?  Did he turn to the bottle to ease his 
> pain or
>  grief?  When he lectured, was he ever known to appear on stage drunk?

>  Did
>  he ever use alcohol to calm his nerves before a public performance?  
> Lastly,
>  is there any possibility that he successfully hid an alcohol 
> addiction from
>  his family and others?
>  Thanks for any insights and sources you can offer on this subject.
>  - C.H. Stewart