Hello all,

Please see the call below.

Tracy Wuster


The Humor Studies Caucus of the American Studies Association is seeking
papers for the 2011 ASA Conference:

*"Imagination, Reparation, Transformation"*

*October 20-23, 2011*

*Baltimore, Maryland*


* *

Proposals on any aspect of American Humor will be welcomed:

Stand-Up Comedy




Literary Humor

(both high- and low-brow)

Richard Pryor



Will Rogers

Comedy Jokes



Mark Twain

Dirty Jokes

Lenny Bruce


the Circus

Marietta Holley

subtle humor

broad humor

Margaret Cho

regional humor

transnational humor

ethnic humor

and even punsÖ

Proposals due by: *January 15th*

Panels will be assembled for submission by the January 26 deadline.

Proposals should be no more than 500 words and should include a brief CV.

Proposals should be sent to Tracy Wuster: [log in to unmask]

If you are interested in chairing a panel, please contact the above person.

*In addition, we are looking for people to fill three specific panels:*

*1)  Humor and Politics:*

From Benjamin Franklinís clever satire to Stephen Colbertís parodic
punditry, from *The Massesís *devastating cartoons to Gary Trudeauís  *
Doonesbury*: humor has played a vital, yet often unexamined role in American
politics. This panel seeks papers that examine both humor as political
discourse and rhetoric and the effects of humor on politics. We welcome
proposals from a variety of perspectives historical, theoretical, or
otherwise. Proposals should be no more than 300 words and include a short

*2) Ethnic Humor:  Pleasures and Problems*

About any aspect of ethnic humor.

*3) Roundtable: Humor Studies and Cultural Studies*

A panel of scholars will discuss the relationship between humor studies and
cultural studies as fields of discourse.  Each scholar will speak for 5-8
minutes, then discuss with the audience.  Focus of individual remarks are
open to interpretation.