I greatly appreciate your dogged pursuit of Pepsi Grant.
I have passed on your email to one of my friends in the English Department
of my College. He promised he would motivate his students and colleagues to
cast votes in favour this Grant.
I would cast 3 more votes from my other email IDs.
I wonder what Twain might remark at this effort of yours!

On Jan 4, 2011 8:37 AM, "Henry Sweets" <[log in to unmask]>

To All Our Faithful Followers and Supporters:

The December Pepsi grant voting has concluded. We were not number 1 nor
number 2. Otherwise we were not told where we placed in the voting. About
five days before the end of the month we were #11.

Good news is that we are allowed to compete another month. The January
voting starts today, January 3. We need to start heavy so we can begin with
a high ranking the first time they are announced. At this moment we are
#6!!! A lot of votes today and tomorrow can scoot us up higher very quickly.

You will be receiving regular reminders to vote from me as you did last
month. If for any reason you need the reminders to stop, let me know and
I'll remove your name from our list.

If you have others you would like added to our reminder list, send me e-mail
addresses and they will get the updates. We obviously need more voters than
we had in December to carry the day.

You can vote using every e-mail address and cell phone number you have
available. That is, you can vote from work, from home, from spouse or
children's e-mails, as many as you have access to.

Look over the voting instructions again, particularly #2.


1) Text Pepsi at 73774 with this numeric message: 104141 - and/or

2 Vote online at: http://www.refresheverything.com/savemarktwain  (PLEASE
noise just means you have signed in.  After you hear that noise, click on
the "Vote for this idea" button.  Once you've voted, you'll see the 10 at
the bottom roll over to say "9 votes left today."  That's how you can be
sure your vote went through.)

3) You can also vote through your Facebook account.  (A Facebook icon is
provided on the Pepsi sign-in page at
http://www.refresheverything.com/savemarktwain see the icon in the left

Thank you.

Henry Sweets