I'm also very sad to hear of the passing of Lou Budd.

I would simply echo what others have already stated, and add that Lou was
such a humble and charming elder statesman.  Very generous and very helpful,
as has already been stated, even to one such as me whom he did not know from
Adam, back in the early 90s (was it really so long ago??).  And a very funny
fellow (and fitting among the Twain scholars).

I have been fortunate to come into contact with such mentoring, wise old
souls a number of times in my career, and I aspire to be a professor like
Lou Budd--in particular, to the younger and newer members of the guild.
What I lack is his sheer expertise and wide-ranging knowledge of the field.
He will be missed.

Harold K. Bush, Ph.D
Professor of English
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO  63108
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