Dear Forum,

After reading several hundred comments on a variety of blogs and news sites
about the new edition of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," I can honestly
say that my eyes hurt.  Also, I am deeply impressed that so many people care
about the integrity of the written word and about the written words of Mark
Twain.  It is a testament to his importance.

While I have yet to formulate fully my own opinion on Dr. Gribben's book, I
do have two thoughts:
1) censorship--As a concept, censorship has many historical and theoretical
manifestations.  I do believe that the book will continue to exist in its
unchanged form and that calling this censorship without examining the
context might be needlessly provocative.
2) Intention--my favorite and least favorite topic of literary conversation.
 I found Dr. Gribben's introduction to the book, posted on the publisher's
website, to raise interesting questions worth serious thought and


Tracy Wuster
Ph.D. Candidate
American Studies
UT Austin

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