Jackson Pearce is a young author writing a historical fiction novel on  
Mark Twain (at Stormfield) focusing on his relationships with the  

On Twain's birthday this past year she joined myself and Alan Kitty as  
we toured around Redding. Although we weren't aware of it at the time,  
she was capturing video footage of our day for a video blog post which  
she recently pulled together and posted for our enjoyment. The  
following day she visited the Hartford House so there is some footage  
from there as well.

The clip includes footage from: The Mark Twain Library (showing  
archives and books), Redding Town Hall (probate records), Redding  
Elementary School (presentation to school kids), Markland (Angelfish  
tiles), "New" Stormfield (inside and out), The cutting of Twain's  
175th Birthday Cake, and the Twain House and Museum in Hartford  
(inside and out).