Hi, group:

In the most recent issue of the US Postal  Service's brochure there is an 
illustrated poster of 2011 upcoming stamps.   One of them features beloved 
Sam against a backdrop of a Miss Steamship on the  River.  The name Mark Twain 
is printed on it, and I believe it's one of the  new Forever Stamps.

There was  no "release" date printed in the  catalog, so I guess the PO 
will be getting a ton of calls.  You cannot  pre-order these (I believe) until 
there is a date & price listed.  I  didn't see one in the catalog. 
Anyway...just thought I'd let you know.  
It's a very handsome-looking (horizontal/rectangular-shaped)  stamp.  
That's all for now,
Suzanne Stuttman 
Just another Twainiac in Redding