I agree There appear to be only two words in the English language which 
one should never print.

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We know that these reminiscences cannot be strictly true … The greatest 
heroes of the war are still in the land of the living, for they are 
ourselves, and in telling our stories we generally so proportion the 
details with each repetition as to magnify more and more our errors 
until with frequent telling we end with actually believing ourselves to 
be the very heroes our stories make us out to be.

Peter Michie, “Reminiscences of Cadet and Army Service”

On 1/14/2011 5:46 PM, Kit Barry wrote:
> Forum,
> Why in a rational, intelligent conversation, is the euphemism "N word" =
> being used
> in place of "nigger" ?
> Is this word over-empowered?
> Is this euphemism a measure of guilt? Of fear? Of what?
> Kit