Oh!  I am so so sorry! He was such a wonderful man, mentor, scholar, and political critic.  Like so many others, I am completely in his debt.  I will miss him like a father. Tom, special condolences to you; I know how close you were.  --susan harris

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Subject: Louis J. Budd, 1922-2010

I am sorry to report that Louis Budd died in his sleep on Monday, December
20th. In accordance with Lou's wishes, there will be no memorial service.
As some of you may know, Lou lived the last several months next door to his
son and his family in Patagonia, Arizona.  According to his son," if you
communicate with folks who wish to memorialize in some concrete way, his
favorite cause had become the local library.  Any checks would be made
payable to Friends of the Library, at mailing address Patagonia Public
Library, PO Box 415, Patagonia, AZ, 85624.  They do have a website, which i=

Tom Quirk =20