Don't forget that if you're planning to submit a proposal for a paper at
one of the Mark Twain Circle sessions at ALA, the deadline is
approaching.  Here's the call for papers:

The Mark Twain Circle of America invites proposals for conference
sessions (80 minutes per session) or individual papers (15-20 minutes)
for the 2011 ALA conference (Boston; May 26-29).  The topics are
entirely open, provided that they're Twain-related.  Send your proposal
to Jim Leonard by January 7, 2011, at the following address:
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Pardon the seeming insensitivity of my bringing up this routine business
at a time when all flags are at half-staff for the passing of Lou Budd.
Lou was a formidable scholar and a delightful individual.  I treasure
the memory of him.  --Jim Leonard