This is the final installment of 15 photos of the Pilaster House in Hannibal 
documenting 20-plus years of neglect.  I am very sad and very angry at the 
people who allowed this to happen. You will note that no one wants to be 
responsible for this.  During this entire time, the Foundation was in charge. 
Yet no one is accountable.  This is not a natural disaster.  Simple annual 
maintenance was not done for years on end. 
At least I understood the racism that underlay the misrepresentation of Twain's 
life earlier.  I cannot understand this type of negligence.  George Mahan meant 
for this to be preserved for future generations.  It has been entrusted to 
people who have severely neglected their primary obligation to the community. 
One architectural historian who visited Hannibal once commented on the run-down 
housing stock downtown.  He said, "The motto of this town should be 'It's mine. 
 I can let it rot if I want."  
Terrell Dempsey