If anyone ever finds this "Holy Grail" of Twain studies, it will be Kevin,
I predict.

And, whoever does find it -- if ever such a thing is found -- will be on
the front page of the NYT and the WSJ.


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> I've spent hours and hours researching this subject over the last thirty
> years. I've found quite a few times when Twain was recorded --twice as many
> as are generally known-- and spent many more hours (and money) trying to
> track down those recordings in archives and among descendants of those
> involved in the recordings. There are still loose ends (in the US and
> Europe) and I will probably put it into an article eventually, so, no, I'm
> not inclined to give away my research. Sorry. I do wish you luck with
> whatever that "something" is that you are working on!
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