I attend a Sam and Olivia birthday party tonight at Elmira College and heard an awesome lecture while there.

I posted pics on FB of the cakes :)


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Nick Offerman--exactly.  I've been wondering what was so familiar about = him.  That's it.=20

On Nov 30, 2012, at 7:27 PM, Effgen, A. B. wrote:

> I saw Kilmer perform his Twain at the Mother Church of Christian =
Science. I=3D
> 'm sure it's a work in progress, but he's playing Twain at 70 with a =
dose o=3D
> f his Doc Holiday and an abbreviated selection of the works Holbrook =
used f=3D
> or his stage act.
> If you want a young Mark Twain (40 years old) I say you go one of two 
> =3D20
> Zach Galafanikis, with just a mustache, wanting to play the =
serio-comedic r=3D
> ole of a lifetime could do it. He's got the chops to play unusual, & =
Sam at=3D
> a young age went for unusual.
> But my money is on Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation. He has the 
> ache and the deadpan delivery actually comes from a drawl he grew up =
with i=3D
> n rural Illinois, not far from Clemens Hannibal. Plus he's a trained =
> ic actor.
> Take that, Fredric March!
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>> Kilmer has been working on it for about four years. There is a clip =
>> available online.
>> =3D20
>> =3D20