I was charmed by the sincerity and the wonderful perception of Tom as a
role model.  Since my firmest conviction is that Nobody is Perfect, its
easy for me to be charmed.

I also loved Twain's response to the equally sincere letter from Denmark

Arianne Laidlaw
Sacramento, CA

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Kent Rasmussen <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> While reading about the 1938 film _The Adventures of Tom Sawyer_ on =
> IMDB.com, I found a review that had been posted in 2004 by a Chinese =
> university student who evidently majored in the English language. The =
> review is a total delight and should brighten your day, so I'm appending =
> it below.=20
> ____________________________________
> I think "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" I saw is an old old movie. And I =
> ever thought that it must be a specific one for children. However, I =
> found out the movie nowadays also has its own particular attraction. I =
> still remember that Tom's aunt and half-brother Sid have not satisfied =
> with him. But Tom is real a kind of clever boy. He can often get away =
> with the punishment. In a brilliant scheme, Tom is able to con the =
> neighborhood boy into completing the task for him. Besides, the episode =
> which is full of children love is very interesting. Tom immediately =
> falls in love with Becky at the first sight who is the Judge's daughter. =
> He does everything just for winning her love even he asks for "get =
> engaged." Of course, it is arranged funny in the movie that he broke his =
> relationship with Becky because he accidentally blusts that has been =
> engaged before. Sometimes I can't help thinking about the fact how =
> really mature Tom is. Also a romantic boy, right? Mentioned about =
> honesty and courage. Tom indeed is a good example for all the children =
> even for most of us adults. Because Tom and Huck are extremely scared =
> that Injun Joe who is real the killer will attempts to seek revenge on =
> them. According to Tom's sense of justice Tom decides to be the witness =
> in the court. I think Tom does not want to burden the guilty consciences =
> and then make up his mind to tell the truth to the town. Maybe most of =
> us could not do that like Tom in the real situation. Therefore on the =
> other hand, The adventures of Tom Sawyer is for all the people including =
> children and adults. In this sense, Tom is our good example in the =
> modern society. Although our society is boomer than before, existence of =
> conscience is more necessary than before.=20
> Guangxi University of Technology=20
> Foreign Language Department English Major Class022
> (reviewer's name omitted--KR)
> _______________
> I especially like the film review because it reminds me of this 1875 =
> letter from a Danish fan I included in _Dear Mark Twain_:
> To
> Mr. Samuel L. Clemens alias Mark Twain:
> Please to excuse that I fall with the door in the house, without first =
> to begin with the usual long ribble-row. I want to become the autograph =
> of the over alle the world well known Mark Twain, whose narratives so =
> apt have procured me a laughter.
> If you will answer this letter, I will be very glad. Answer me what you =
> will; but two words. If you not will answer me other so write only, that =
> you do not like to write autographs.
> Your
> Carl Jensen
> Ans.
> C. Jensen, custom officer
> Stubbekjobing in Falster
> Denmark
> Europe
> Mark Twain's marginal comment: "Preserve this remarkable letter."
> ___________________________________
> Lest I seem cruelly insensitive, I'll confess that when I lived in South =
> Africa many years ago, I wrote a long note in Afrikaans to the mail =
> carriers that I pinned to the front door of my apartment. When an =
> Afrikaner friend read that note, his uncontrollable laughter convinced =
> me what I had written was not for public consumption, so I instantly =
> destroyed it. I have no doubt that the syntax of my Afrikaans note was =
> probably at about the same level as the syntax of the Chinese and Danish =
> writers' notes.
> Happy new year to all!
> Kent Rasmussen
> in sunny Southern California
> I