>One of my friends is also a Mark Twain enthusiast.  Once she did research 
>to prepare a meal of Mark Twain's favorites in  honor of a local Mark Twain 
>impressionist who scared us by a too long pause when he entertained us 
>after dinner.
>She and her husband were with me when we met Kevin and Pegge in Boston 
>several years ago.  Her book, "Lost Restaurants of Sacramento and Their 
>Recipes" is enjoying a long run on Amazon written by Maryellen Burns and 
>her brother Keith.
>But recently, somewhere, she saw a reference to Mark Twain recipes. Neither 
>of us knows if there are any.  Do you know if in any of his writing actual 
>recipes appear?

I can't recall if he included actual recipes, but wasn't there a section at 
the end of A Tramp Abroad where he listed a bunch of American dishes that he 
missed while traveling in Europe?

-- Bob G.