With thanks to Barb Schmidt for her priceless collection of Twainquotes, it 
 appears Mark Twain anticipated a storm like Juno:

"Yes, the weather is bad, and if I were dealing in weather it is not  the 
brand that I'd put up in cans for future use. No, it is the kind of weather  
I'd throw on the market and let it go for what it would fetch, and if it  
wouldn't sell for anything I would hunt up some life-long enemy and present it 
 to him. Failing in this, as a last resort I should probably take it out on 
the  big bridge, dump it into the Mississippi and start it to Europe via 
the jetties.  I'd unload it someway, and that quickly, too.
- quoted in _"A Day  with Mark Twain" by John Henton Carter_ 
(http://www.twainquotes.com/Steamboats/RollingpinInterview.html) "
All of us in the dry West wish all the best to those in today's path of  
Bob Stewart 
in cloudless, drought-stricken Carson City,  Nevada.